The only course of its type and must needed for todays overloaded towers with hard to access working areas. It is literally a lifesaving course.

Most tower climbing accidents where due to workers that did not know how to maneuver and get to their working spot while staying connected. Another problem they encounter is identifying or creating reliable anchors.

This course will give you the tools to create systems that will allow you to move freely, quickly and safely to any point of the tower.

 Some of the subjects to be covered and practiced at the site are:

  • Fall arrest systems
  • Anchors
  • Access techniques
    • Tension Traverse
    • Horizontal temporary life-line
    • Use of slings
    • Zigzag application
    • Directional Rappel
  • Structure evaluation

 Course Duration:  2 Days (16 hours)

Class Size Minimum 4, Maximum 8 / 2 Instructors

Cost per participant:   $450.00 + Taxes: $27.00 = Total: $477.00

Pre-requisites:  Tower Climbing, Safety and Rescue Course (Competent Climber).

What’s included?                                                  

  • All equipment will be provided for the course
  • Certificate of participation